Beer and Spirits


Irish Craft Beer Specialists

In addition to our award winning  portfolio, Christy’s Wines supplies a significant range of the Irish Craft Beers and International craft beers and spirits including Smirnoff, Huzzar, Jameson, Powers, Cork Dry Gin, Bombay Saphire Gin, Teachers, Hennessy, Jack daniels, Southern Comfort, Baileys, Tia Maria and Bols Liqueurs. We have the exclusive distribution for Ireland’s leading Craft Cider Stonewell. We also stock all the leading Irish Craft Beer brands and strive to support local producers.

We also supply specialty spirits including Grey Goose Vodka, Krakus Vodka, Grappa, and an extensive selection of premium Irish and Scotch whiskies.
Along with our extensive range of Irish Craft beers and ciders, we also stock the key brands such as Heineken, Budweiser, Coors, Guinness and Bulmers as well as many speciality beers and ciders from Australia (Coopers, James Boag), Mexico (Corona, Dos Esquis), Poland (Okocim, Tyskie, Zyweic, Lech), Ireland (Stonewell) Latvia (Zelta) and Sweden (Kopparberg Cider) to name but a few.

We are consistently changing and updating our  Irish Craft beer portfolio and spirits range to meet with new customers needs.