Stonewell Cider

Christy’s Wines and Sprits drinks wholesalers Cork recently won sole distribution rights for Stonewell Irish Craft Cider. The most popular of Stonewells Medium Dry Irish craft cider was born out of a lengthy study and appreciation of other Celtic cider producers in Wales and Brittany. It was inspired by the full-bodied fruitiness of the medium dry and sweet ciders of these regions, Stonewell Dry cider which consists of 3 ciders, drawn from Dabinett, Michelin and Elstar/Falstaff varietals. We also stock Stonewells newest cider Stonewell Tobairín which is only .05% alcohol content.Tobairín (tobair meaning well, ín meaning small/light) is a low alcohol cider made from fermented Elstar eating apples blended with fresh Jonagored juice; nothing else.

Irish Craft Beer

Our extensive Irish Craft beer portfolio includes all the new and established Irish Craft brands 5 Lamps Brewing (Dublin), Kinnegar Brewing (Kerry),  Blacks Of Kinsale (Cork), Metalman(Waterford), Hilden Brewery (Galway) and Eight Degrees Brewing (Cork).

We also stock all the leading Irish Craft Beer favourites:

  • James Brown Brews – Chocolate Orange Stout
  • Dungarvan Brewing Company – Mine Head
  • Dungarvan Brewing Company – Mahon Falls
  • The 5 Lamps Dublin Brewing – Phoenix Dark
  • Carlow Brewing Company – O’Hara’s Leann Folláin
  • Blacks Of Kinsale – RocketShip IPA
  • Kelly’s Mountain Brew – Revenge
  • Black Donkey Brewing Ltd – Sheep Stealer
  • The Porterhouse Brewing Company – Porterhouse Red Ale
  • The Porterhouse Brewing Company – Wrasslers 4X